Office Clerk IV :HQ Oil Sales

Job Title

Office Clerk IV

Job Description

Responsible for invoicing, sales contracts and shipping orders into system for oil products. Requires accurate data entry skills and working knowledge of excel and word documents. ERP experience a plus. Assist Supervisor, Product Manager and Oil Sales VP as support when needed.

Basic Qualifications



SKILLS REQUIRED: Typing, Telecopier, Calculator and Personal Computer

Knowledge and experience using Excel and Microsoft Word.

Other Duties


1. Process shipping and invoicing for orders loaded in system. Includes checking reports for orders loaded, matching paperwork from plant to orders, and sending invoices to customers via email, Itrade application, or mail. Send all related support documents to customers as require on rail cars. Scanning invoices and paperwork into laser vault and filing of invoices.

2. Prepare contract and shipping orders on edible oil packaged and bulk products. Includes working with CBOT in regard to pricing orders daily. Works in close contact with Riceland sales force, brokers, and direct customers via phone, fax, and E-mail. Works with Rice Sales Dept., Accts Receivable, Plant Production, and Traffic as needed to process orders on a timely basis. Requires data entry on daily basis of all contracts and orders priced that day. Provides prices quotes/confirmations to customers as needed with established pricing procedures.

3. Primary contact on Itrade orders related to oil shipments including order entry, confirmations & shipments/invoices..

4. Asist on Rito Partnership orders and contracts as needed and interact with Rito customers and Oilseeds as back up personnel. Assist Product Manager on Rito reports as needed.

5. Works with product manager in securing certificates of sales from Arkansas Dept. Health Services for product intended for export by customers.

6. Handles customer complaints and problems related to issue on products, transportation and pricing. Must work with logistics, plant and sales force on all these issues. Includes returned goods requests: credits/replacements for contract, etc. corrections.

7. Perform other duties as required by supervisor.