Prep/Extraction Operator:Soy Procesing

Job Title

Prep/Extraction Operator

Job Description

This position involves the operation of the soybean Preparation Plant. This includes the movement of soybeans and meal, controlling process conditions, taking samples, coordination with upstream and downstream processes and some light maintenance.

Shift: 12 hour rotating shifts

Basic Qualifications

1. Must be able to read and write
2. Must be able to handle height
3. Must be able to do heavy lifting (75lbs.)
4. Must be able to handle confined spaces
5. Must be able to handle extreme atmospheric conditions (dust,heat,cold)
6. Must be able to climb ladders and stairs a large percentage of work time
7. Must have good mechanical ability (understand the inner workings of machinery)
8. Must be able to work independently and work well with other employees and supervision.