Job Title


Job Description

The Laboratory Assistant is responsible for the maintenance of supplies and equipment, laboratory inspections, and laboratory based tasks including testing, measuring, recording, and analyzing results.

Other duties include:
Maintain all laboratory equipment to assure testing functions are not interrupted.
Conduct an inventory of supplies and purchase supplies and services as needed.
Prepare test solutions, compounds, or reagents for lab technicians.
Conduct analysis for conduct to process development and/or improvement.
Assist in training and conduct inspections for the laboratory.
Perform other related duties as required or assigned by management.

Basic Qualifications

Education Required:
a. Associates Degree in a job related field (chemistry, biology, etc.)

Experience Required:
a. 1 to 3 years of laboratory experience.

Physical demands:
a. standing, walking, climbing, kneeling, tasting, and smelling
b. lifting up to 100 pounds
c. good dexterity, balance, and vision