Bulk Oil Loader:Soy Bulk Oil Shipping

Job Title

Bulk Oil Loader

Job Description

It involves the responsibility of the daily inventory of oils, sampling, and the formulation of pan oil products and additives. It also involves the movement of oils, controlling process conditions, positioning of oil trucks and railcars, making line setups, maintaining cleaning schedules and paper work, printing bills of ladings, some maintenance, and other tasks as assigned by management. The incumbent will be responsible for making and loading high quality oil in a safe, sanitary, and cost effective manner.

Basic Qualifications

1. Be able to read and write

2. Be able to do simple subtraction and addition

3. Be in good physical condition

4. Be able to lift up to 75 lbs.

5. Be able to safely operate a truck and trailer, forklift, any other task as determined by management