Extrusion Operator: 7am - 7pm

Job Title

Extrusion Operator

Job Description

Summary: Proper setup, daily operation and daily / routine maintenance of the Rivland extrusion system including the pre-conditioner, extruder, drier, boiler, and other associated milling equipment. Arkansas Boiler Operator’s license is required within 6 months of on the job training.

Job Duties:
1. Complete hourly and daily record keeping of production, quality and boiler log journals.
2. Start up and run the extrusion system (boiler, pre-conditioner, extruder, drier, grinding and sifting equipment) at required specifications.
3. Visual evaluation and ability to determine proper product mixture and consistency.
4. Troubleshoot and adjust all associated equipment.
5. Perform daily, weekly and monthly preventative maintenance using appropriate safety precautions (lock out / tag out).
6. Perform and document hourly and daily quality assurance and food safety checks (metal detection, screen checks, granulation, moisture).
7. Perform and document daily, weekly monthly machine sanitation and cleaning schedule requirements.
8. Communicate product needs to supervision and co-workers to insure uninterrupted raw product feed.
9. Safe operation of forklift.
10. Monitor waste receptacles and grain waste receptacles and empty as required.
11. Ability to communicate clear and concise instructions to operators coming on shift in relief.
12. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Basic Qualifications

Minimum high school diploma – preferred technical back ground.
State of Arkansas Boiler Operator Licenses after appropriate on the job training (6 months minimum)
Proficient knowledge of PLC and HDMI computer control systems
Detail orientated and exceptional organizational skills.
Ability to interpret written instructions and operation manuals
Ability to work in hot environment for multiple hours
Ability to stand, walk and climb the majority of required shift.
Lifting and carrying up to 100 lbs.