Floorperson:Jb Mill J

Job Title


Job Description

SUMMARY : The main functions of this position are to insure the machinery is operating at maximum efficiency and to perform light maintenance on machinery as needed; to keep clean drums in the graders; to keep paddy machines properly adjusted, floor area clean; to keep the filters in operating condition, to keep all edible and non-edible containers empty; to assist the supervisor as needed; to keep the broken in the rice to a specified level and to insure a smooth flow of rice through work area.

Responsible for food safety by following HACCP and Food Safety policies/procedures. Responsible for plant safety by observing persons entering your work area, asking if you can assist them and reporting unauthorized persons to your supervisor. Attend training as required or approved by supervisor.

Basic Qualifications

Must be able to walk, climb ladders & stairs, move arms to operate broom or equipment, bend, stoop, kneel. Must be able to lift and carry 50-100 pounds 5 to 10 feet. Must be able to reach above head or sholders. Must be able to see close distances 3-10 feet. Must be able to read and write numbers.