Job Title


Job Description

The Automation Coordinator is responsible to troubleshooting, designing, repairing and programing plant automation devices and systems. The Automation Coordinator must also be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and be willing to travel to outlying sites as needed.
1. Responsible for the design, installation, programming, startup, training, and maintenance of new programmable logic controllers and associated equipment
2. Responsible for planning and budgeting of continued upgrades and improvements to existing systems
3. Responsible for the design and maintenance of remote connection and communication to PLC’s in other RFI locations (Waldenburg, New Madrid, Grain Driers, Etc.)
4. Integration of PLC Data and ERP data into useful information for production operations
5. Maintain and manage computers and computer systems for PLC plant operations
6. Manage Ethernet network that all PLC operating equipment is tied to
7. Direct involvement with plant electricians and outside electricians for automation needs
8. Troubleshoot and assist JRD, Waldenburg, New Madrid, and Grain Drier operators
9. Responsible for communication w/ third party programmers and automation technicians
10. Coordinate and assist engineering staff with engineering projects
11. Keep informed and educated on new technologies regarding automation, networking, and communication
12. Supervisor responsibility for up to 3 automation staff
13. Report monthly to engineering staff and Plant Manager on current projects
14. Respond to plant emergencies, down times and troubleshooting concerning electrical/automation equipment as needed.
15. Proficient in reading wiring diagrams and ladder logic.
16. Perform other related duties as required or assigned

Basic Qualifications

High School diploma and 5-7 years related Automation experience with 3-5 years of Supervisory experience or equivalent combination of education and experience; or Associate’s Degree (A.A.) from two-year College or Technical School with 2-3 years’ experience in related field; or Bachelor’s degree in related field or program.