Track Person

Job Title

Track Person

Job Description

This job consists of demonstrating the ability to safety and properly prepare railcars for loading which includes making sure railcars are clean and installing car liner/paper.
Must be able to safety move railcars by using Shuttlewagon.
Must be able to be certified to fumigate railcars.
Must be able to safety and properly seal railcars.
Must be able to close railcar doors.
Record fumigation application and seals applied to railcars.
Help in warehouse by moving supplies to the Shipping department, unloading supply trucks and keeping supplies in order in the Supply warehouse.
Also, must do all other jobs as needed.

Basic Qualifications

Must be able to read, write and demonstrate basic math skills.

Must be able to obtain forklift license.

Must attend training to be able to fumigate railcars.

Responsible for food safety by following HACCP and Food Safety policies/procedures. Responsible for plant safety by observing persons entering your work area, asking if you can assist them and reporting unauthorized persons to your supervisor. Attend training as required or approved by supervisor.

Other Duties

Must be able to work overtime as needed.